About Us


In 1945 was established firm named County's Union Co-operative Integrated Works Factory (Tarbijate Kooperatiivide Maakondliku Liidu Tööstuskombinaat). In 1947 there was only one reserved worker and today there are already around 40 people working in this factory, including weavers and knitters.

Within one year we produce 60 km on canvas on weavers and 2,5 km on knitters. For that purpose 15 tons of cotton and 11 tons of linen yarn is used. Factory contains 13 electronic machines, 6 weavers and 22 knitters.

In 1992 Textile Factory became a juridical member of Rakvere's company called Tootsikoondise. After three years, in 1995 ETK sold this factory to Liina Corporation which is now called Liliina (limited liability company).

Liliina's general activities is knitting all kinds of necessaries of cotton and linen. We have wide choice of products that can fit to any taste and any need to make your living more comfotable and warm. Please look at our Product's section to see a variety of our products. We also keep Estonian old traditions and we use old knowledge and style of knitting technology. Some attributes are even about hundred years old.

We buy yarn and threads commonly from Europe but also from Turkey - of which we produce textile and make final products.

Liliina company exports it's products also to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany. In Estonia you can find Liliina's products from all bigger handicraft shops. Company has it's own shop in Rakvere city in Northern Estonia.